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Updating to all projects

2013-04-06 10:29:16 by A-Genius

A long time ago, I worked in Avaina project and I am trying to complete the redux of it. I have completed 9 parts of it and there are few parts left. If you don't know yet Avaina project was originally created by Deer50 . I stopped working on the project from few months ago, and started working on different other projects. Until I get the feeling to go back to continue what I have started.

For the projects one of them was submitted yesterday, it was great experience! I really loved that project since I worked for it challenging myself to complete the project before the deadline! It was really fun! HERE IT IS !

There is also a project I still working on and updating it quite quickly that is called Mr.Mirror written by Amaranthus. What I really like about this project is that I get more support from Amaranthus each time he asks for update I just keep him updated. I have completed the character designs, the background designs, I got the voice actress which is ATheatricalSongBird and I have completed the music which will be played inside the movie by myself. I am currently decided to start on the re-polishing and expressions to the characters. I completed two expressions of the characters and just 6 more left. Oh I forgot to tell you about the story. It is wonderland story in a new different version.

There is also other project like a story that was written by BenandNeb. I working on it in a different way.

There is also a project that which was written by MercuryDev which I think I may change my mind and change it from a movie into a game. There are quite few other projects which I haven't started working on it yet because I think I will give be overloading to my limit and others that have not yet got a replay from its users.


I have made a new characture design for mrs.mirror all update can be found in my deviantart! so far I am practicing from the beginning again and I have reached how to express ages!!

I may going to upload how my progress works so it will take a while!

Here update to the picture if you want the full picture of check out my deviantart! don't forget to watch me if your interested!

Peace be with you all and good night.
Abdulla Al Saif (Aka.A-Genius)


Updating to all projects


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2013-04-06 13:52:24

That's a lot of projects.

A-Genius responds:

It just to keep me busy while I stop working on one of them!